Anniversary Booklet

Anniversary is once in a lifetime achievement. A successful anniversary booklet can built-up the corporate image and identity, increase the market, boost relations with surrounding community, and strengthen relationships with suppliers and customers. Therefore, we believe an anniversary booklet is one of the most important part of the anniversary program. It's not only a souvenir for your guests, it serves as a visible reminder to the recipients, it's recordable the milestone, important projects and many advantages of the Company.

Producing anniversary commemorative booklet is one of our well-known service. We provide a complete range of professional services, through all thestages. The service is extremely flexible, depends on the service you needs.

Our Services Included:

·  Booklet Design


·  Liaison with Advertiser/ Adv. Placement

·  Typesetting

·  Film output production

·  Article write-up

·  Offset printing

·  Proof- reading

·  Massive postage

·  Photography

·  Distribution

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